Mirror Mobile Screen
from Distance

· Synchronize screen for both ends.

· Enjoy a fluent on-screen experience with 60fps.

Remote Phone

Remote Access Mobile Phone

· Connect to a mobile device in seconds to
provide support or share files.

· Full screen operation makes you feel like
using your own cell.

Remote Phone

Every System Is Feasible

· Remote control of Android phones across systems and brands.

· You can use an iPhone, Android or computer to control Android phone flexibly and remotely.

Be Mobile Helper For Parents

Remotely access to parents' mobile phone; help parents solve mobile phone problems, such as changing mobile phone settings, cleaning up software and so on.

Remote Phone

Simple 3 Steps to Remote
Access Android Phone

1. Install AweSun
2. Install AweSun Client
3. View Remote Phone
Remote Phone

Login to the same account and
start to view distant phone.